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Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board offers news and announcements about members, and also lets members communicate with each other.

Tips Of the Month

Changing your oil is easy

I like to change my oil at 5000-mile intervals with the synthetic oil and have found the procedure of changing it quite simple. A one beer job, unless you are like me and tend to sit back and admire the beauty of the bike. So lets take a look at this simple procedure.

Tools Required:

  1. Funnel
  2. Rubber mallet
  3. Shallow drain pan
  4. Small oil filter wrench
  5. 3/8" 17mm socket, small extension, and rachet
  6. Two each 2x4 boards screwed together
  7. 3/8" torque wrench
  8. 17mm craftsman box-end wrench cut short

For the rest of the instructions click on Changing your oil is easy

The Month in Review

Not available at this time.

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For Sale:
2004 VSTAR 1100 Classic with all the Silverado details18k miles. Tons of Chrome, Air Horns, Jetted with Har Krome 2-1 pipes.  Sounds awesome!!   Call 770-363- 4398 to receive pictures, details$9,000 firm.
No Items wanted this month
Updated September 2006
Star Days will be on July 24 - 27, 2007.  The location, which has yet to be determined, will be in the EAST.  Let us know of your interest in attending so our chapter can ride in as a group, we'll have a great time!!!
Check your Expiration Date on your membership card.  Only members in good standing can vote in the upcoming annual elections.  You can renew your membership on-line at the Star Touring Web site.  Remember, you can renew early and your new membership date will pick up at the same time when your current membership expires.